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About Us
We Look Forward to Building With You!

LUX ADU is the newest subdivision of Elite Home and development.

About Elite Home and Development.


Elite home development has been building in the Bay Area for nearly thirty years.

Elite Home Development has a BuildZoom score of 125, which places them above 99% of 336,931 contractors in California. Elite home is passionate about what our clients desire and then tailors the project to meet their lifestyle and budgets. While maintaining control of quality, schedule and costs.

Elite home development strives to create a custom beautiful home, addition to your house, ADU, and kitchen and bath renovations. Elite is driven by your inspirations and creativity.


A new building subdivision of Elite home development. Elite homes have been building ADU’s for many years, but due to new California regulations and laws, more homeowners can have the ability to build an ADU in their backyard. Thus, LUX ADU was born!

We want our clients to have the perfect ADU to fit and optimize their backyard space. We focus on Elite craftsmanship, distinct modern or contemporary design, exquisite exterior/interior finishing, and a team of dedicated professionals that will help you every step of the way!

We pride ourselves in making beautiful jaw dropping ADU’s. We make a small space really open up. From elegant tall sliding window doors that bring more light and sunshine, to ornate high ceilings, first class cabinetry craftsmanship, distinct modern bath and kitchen and expert design plans. We are so full-filled and have a sense of gratification knowing that our clients are not just happy with the results, but ecstatic with overwhelming joy. With less stress, no headaches, and more money left in your pocket!

Why even choose LUX ADU?
Our company is a one stop shop. We get everything done from A to Z. Meaning single-point responsibility. Having the comfort of being able to communicate with every phase of your project is rare. Our expertise in permits, architect design, building, and financing is all done under one roof. This allows certain phases of the project to be faster and cheaper, while keeping pace with the allotted time schedule, and quality of work.

Unlike prefabricated ADU companies
We build on site! So you can look into your backyard at any time and see the progress. This is unique because you can see the material, you can see the scope of work being done and easily open up a line of communication if something goes wrong. This is something unlike our competitors who do pre fabricated models. With Pre-fabricated models, they are overpriced per square ft and when they are delivered you get what you get. No customization, no compromise, and with no soul. For every Adu we build, we make sure there is a perfect harmony between you and your custom ADU.

These are are three pillars that LUX ADU stands by and why you would choose to purchase an ADU with LUX ADU.

Here at Lux ADU we want you to have luxury but also affordable ADU’s. So you can utilize and experience the great wonders of having an ADU. So we can create affordable housing and increase density on the land YOU already have. For optimal back yard living.

Why even choose an ADU?
These are the three pillars that LUX ADU.

Modern design combined with organic architecture. Taking your backyard to the next level while working with your lot to create an ideal synergy for the property

      • Modern or contemporary designs
      • State of the art new tech and amenities embodied  into your suite
      • Custom designed bathroom and kitchen
      •  Sourcing the Finest materials
      • Handmade cabinets
      •  Cool Roof technology and high ceilings
      • Cunning edge solar panel energy systems

Optimal backyard living, using the space in your backyard to have the utmost gorgeous ADU suite

      • Zapdos solar providing clean energy to your ADU suite without worrying about energy bills
      • Expand your home and value of your property
      • Gain extra income potential by renting your ADU Suite
      • Space for flexibility
      • Personalized gym, home office, or entertainment space
      • Living space for family members who are too weak to go up the stairs or someone who is mentally challenged or disabled is a very popular way to utilize an ADU
      • Have a rooftop deck for some roof top gardening or awesome bbqs

Enjoy the comfort of having an alluring, charming, and luxurious ADU  in your own backyard

      • Bask in your glorious modern kitchen and bathroom
      • Stand in awe, admiring the beauty of your ADU
      • Opulent experience for any guest staying at your residence
      • Feel the wealth of the potential income that will provide for your family
      • Admire the beauty of the architecture outside and inside your beautiful ADU
      • Celebrate and groove into your own ideas of interior and exterior possibilities