Lux ADU for the Bay Area, CA

Custom ADUs for all of Silicon Valley, CA



Are you looking for a faster, lower-cost way to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)?

LUX ADU designers/builders are experts in drawing and designing plans.
Our team works with speed, experience, precision, and integrity.

Our company has decades of experience and over 200 approved plans from multiple counties. As a client, you are in great hands to get the plans and permits approved by the city in lighting speed fashion.

Since time is money for a home builder, having an experienced team can expedite this process a lot faster, which can translate into reduced housing costs and efficiency

Below are just a few ADU plans that have been built (Pictures will be up soon ) or about to be built, and have already been approved by the city. Each plan is a little different from one another because we tailor the project to fit the budget, lot size , space, and customer design style.

Los Gatos – Detached ADU – 800 SF
2 Bedrooms 1 Bath
Rear ADU lot size- 8,235 SF

Willow Glen – Garage ADU – 900 SF
2 Bedrooms 2 Baths
Rear ADU lot size- 4,650 SF

Napa Valley – Detached ADU – 1,200 SF
2 Bedrooms 2 Baths
Rear ADU lot size- Vinyard

San Jose – Detached ADU – 965 SF
2 bedroom 2 bath
Rear ADU lot size – 2,410 SF

Fremont- Detached ADU (Not Built By Elite) – 1,000 SF
2 Bedroom 2 Bath
Rear ADU lot size –  4,280 SF

Fremont – Rear Attached ADU – 760 SF
2 Bedrooms 1 Bath
Rear ADU lot size – 2,350 SF

Los Altos Hills – Detached ADU ( Not Built) – 1,200 SF
2 bedrooms 2 Baths
Rear ADU lot size –  Hillside

San Jose – Detached ADU – 700 SF
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
ADU lot size – 4,350 SF